South Korea: New PM, finance minister are among the who involved in the State affairs

On Wednesday, South Korea reveals the name of people involved in the states affairs. It shook up the state when name of finance minister and new prime minister came until now since President Park Geun-hye’s administration was rockedby a outrage linking a friend charged with trial for a crime of interfering in state affairs.

The Blue House declare the name of new finance minister and deputy prime minister, Yim Jong-yong, is a going to replace current minister Yoo Il-ho. Yim is a currently the Financial Services Commission chairman, a valued and respected policy makers and market participants in his current role.

The role of the South Korean PM is generally administrative. A former senior presidential secretary, Kim Byong-joon, during former President Roh Moo-hyun’s administration, been named a new PM, he will supersede Hwang Kyo-ahn

The matter became main issue of the new minister’s safety and security. Additionally calm civic annoyance over the disgrace that involved Choi Soon-sil and Park’s friend, are locked up and investigated by prosecutors.

Press office said, Yim is in plan to take a press conference on Wednesday at about 0200 GMT.

Jung Youn-kuk, presidential spokesman said, “The Blue House asserts Kim is an exact individual to handle the cabinet of the country to passage out current situation.”

None of Yoo or Hwang been involved in the scandal while Yoo had force by opposition lawmakers over his close connection with Park.

On Tuesday Park apologize publically for breeze of Choi access in the first months of her presidency and reveal her ties with Choi. She was tool a benefit of her alliance with the president.


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