Soylent competitor Ample wants to make healthier meal replacements


A new powdered drink called Ample is all set to be a healthier, tastier version of the meal shake loved by tech millennial. The maker claims it to be non meal replacing product.

As per the makers, every ingredient on the Ample bottle is recognizable, save for the probiotic blend, and can be found in our local Whole Foods. It contains organic materials like sweet potato starch, macadamia nut, chia seeds and algae oil. A vegan option is available that doesn’t include whey protein.

Ample’s healthier version has already attracted interest from heavy-hitting investors across Silicon Valley, including fitness buff and former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Instagram founder Mike Krieger. The San Francisco-based company also recently hired Clif Bar exec Julie Zimmerman to lead product development.

Ample, founded last year, recently closed a $1 million round of financing led by HawksHead Capital. Meanwhile, it raised an additional $370,000 earlier this year through a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.

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