Spend less, save more

They now come in so cheap, cheaper than a family getaway; low interest rates, low energy prices, low monthly charges for TV and broadband packages. Now is the opportunity for you to take advantage your best financing avenues.


With the lowest mortgages at about 2.94 for its existing customers, Nationwide Building Society has launched its new ultra-low ten-year fixed-rate mortgage. You can access a 2-year short term loan at less than 2% and a 5-year mid-term loan at less than 3 per cent.

Mortgage Application


Barclaycard Platinum offers the longest period for paying off old debts. It has a zero per cent interest of 35 months for a 2.49 per cent transfer fee, while Santander’s 123 credit card has no transfer fee and a zero per cent interest period of 23 months.

Quad-play deals:

This was deduced from the name quadruple and it’s more of a play, which includes a mobile SIM card as the fourth element. It is expected to grow in popularity and good value for light mobile phone users. For instance, on a platform like Virgin Media a chip can be added to any of its media bundles for an additional £ 5 per month. This will include 250 minutes unlimited text and 250 megabytes of data per month.

Car insurance:

Insurance for motor vehicles is expected to remain high this year, according to AA insurance, with a premium of about 10%. A lack of proper education make people accept whatever premium renewal their insurer offers. Those who have never switched stand to save the most. And according to Money Super Market, households could save up to £69 a year on home insurance.

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