Stocks Highlights: Crocs (NASDAQ:CROX), Chevron (NYSE:CVX), Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ:WFM)

The US Stock Market rebounded and posted some of the most considerable gains in many weeks. After daylong negotiations between Eurozone leaders and Greece, a new financial bailout was reached. The news from the bailout created movement on the DOW, which jumped 217 points to 17948. The 1.22% jump was much needed after the volatility of last week. There was also considerable movement on the S&P and NASDAQ indexes. The S&P increased by 23 points, and the NASDAQ was up 73 points.

Stocks Update - CROX,CVX,WFM

The markets around the world have been just as volatile as the US market over the past few weeks. The Greek bailout was the primary news for the week. As they prepare for talks to finalize their third bailout program, the deal will still need to be approved by the parliament. Traders had the opportunity to view the US federal budget, which reported $52 billion in surplus for June. Retail sales numbers and international goods prices should be released this week, along with housing starts and consumer confidence surveys.

The issues with the China stock market are still in a very delicate position. The Shanghai Composite index is still trying to regain all the losses from the past several weeks. The extreme movement in the market has resulted in a sell off by nervous investors. The market rallied to gain 2.39% of its previous losses.

Stock Tips


The shoe manufacturer Crocs posted their last closing price of $14.59. They have a price-to-sales ratio of 0.98. This is a much lower number than average at 175.35 in the footwear industry. Over the last five years, Crocs has grown 13.20%. Unfortunately -14.80% was lost from the company’s net income.

Chevron (NYSE:CVX)

Chevron Corporation was at $94.41 a share at the end of the trading day. The posted price is lower than their average. The decline in their price is noticeable. The declining price has tumbled to -24.76%. The maintained a price to sales ratio of 0.98. The price to sales ratio is the average for the industry, but in spite of the changes and losses, it seems as if the company will receive earnings of 14.10%.

Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ:WFM)

Whole Foods Market posted a market value of $14.62 billion. That rounds out to about $40.80 per share. Whole Foods has a price to sales ratio that is at 0.98. The industry average is 0.81. The company has boasted some of the best stats in the sector. In the past five years, they have posted record sales that have increased overall revenue by 12% and earnings averaged 30.00% per share growth.

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