Stocks Highlights: Oceaneering International (NYSE: OII), Iridium Communications Inc (NASDAQ: IRDM), Murphy Oil Corporation (NYSE: MUR)

For experienced and novice traders, the key concept of Relative Strength Index (RSI) is very important to learn. It is an indicator that helps advance the understanding of how stocks are bought and sold. An RSI of 70 may indicate that a stock has been overbought. A value below 30 is indicative of being oversold. The RSI indicator is considered a key leader because it is particularly accurate when predicting the direction of a stock. While no indicator is foolproof, this key leader can provide a view into the strength of a stock trend and the likelihood of changes. Seasoned traders take all aspects of stock fluctuation into account including price, time, and momentum. The RSI indicator is a valuable asset to evaluation trends.

Stocks Update - OII,IRDM,MUR


Oceaneering International (NYSE: OII) has an RSI value of 2.6. It is considered greatly oversold. The stock is in a dive, and over the course of one month it fell -17.18 percent. Over the last three months it fell -29.18 percent down, and the share price is growing from their 52-week to a 3.24 percent climb. The lowest 52-week number was -45.67 percent and the share price stand at -18.77 percent down from the average -12.1 percent comparative with SMA 20.

Iridium Communications Inc (NASDAQ: IRDM) has an RSI value of 1.8. It is considered greatly oversold. The stock had a one month return of -22.35. The three-month return was even worse at -29.48 percent. The most recent closing value was higher than the 52-week low with -2.17 percent and was lower than the 52 week high of -32.39 percent. The average price at 50 days is -20.03 and the average -11.47 percent comparative with the SMA 20.

Murphy Oil Corporation (NYSE: MUR) has an RSI value of 3.3. The one-month total return is -19.87 percent and its -29.54 three-month return is problematic. The closing price was up from the 52-week low and had a zero percent change. The fifty-two week high was -48.19 percent. It has a -17.75 percent below average 50-day price at -13.65 percent when compared to the SMA 20.

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