Stocks to Watch: American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL), Ford Motor (NYSE: F), Continental (NYSE: CLR)

Market News

The US stock markets finished Friday at the best numbers posted in the last two months. The international economies that have been making waves in the market are starting to show signs of recovery. The Greek government has been offered a proposal for a third financial bailout. The latest offer was for 53 billion euros, and analysts expect a decision by Sunday. The Chinese stock market has recorded its second day of gains, and strategists are deeming this a very real step towards improved trading. The S&P rose 25.31 points to close up 1.2%. The NASDAQ closed up 1.5% or 75.3 points. The Dow was up 211.79 points. Crude oil was down 4 cents and closed at $52.74 per barrel. The metals fluctuated, and silver was up 12 cents and gold down $1.30. Copper was down to $2.55 per pound.

Trading Tips

Day trading is very popular with many seeking a life of freedom from typical working. There can be quite a lot of risk involved with the business of day trading if not done properly. The most successful traders put together a wise plan and normally spend only a few hours per day in front of their computers. The most important factor in learning to be an adept day trader is learning to read price and create a strategy for developing consistent profits. It takes most traders a full six months to become accustomed to the ins and outs of the day trading business, and it may take even longer than that to sort out a proper income. Given the fluctuations in the American job market, many have turned to day trading as an alternative form of employment. A great lifestyle can be generated from day trading given the proper prerequisite studying and researching. A quick tip: anyone hoping to start should first create a practice account, and trade with “fake” money until they gain the confidence to start with their real money.

Stocks Update - F,AAL,CLR

Stocks to Watch

The stocks to watch after Friday’s trading session are mostly from the airline and automotive industries. American Airlines, Continental, and Ford Motor Company are the big winners for stocks to watch this week. The numbers for the week: American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) +3.88%, Ford Motor (NYSE: F) +1.05%, and Continental (NYSE: CLR) -1.86%. Also, the transportation industry stocks weren’t the only ones to watch. There were some retailers to watch for a positive movement this week: Gap, EBay, Costco Wholesale, and T-Mobile. The numbers for the retailers weren’t as great as those for the automobile manufacturers, but they still bear watching.

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