Stocks to Watch: Michaels Companies (NASDAQ:MIK), Linear Technology (NASDAQ:LLTC), Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL), Masco Corp (NYSE:MAS), First Bancorp (NYSE:FBP)

The widespread profitability ratio is when there is a turnover on investment which is popularly referred to as RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI), hence, there are ways of knowing the Return on Investment. However, the commonly utilized procedure is dividing the net gains or profit by the total assets. ROI does not particularly mean the same thing as profit. The Return on Investment is associated with the monetary investment in a company and the turnover that is obtained based on the money invested in the business which yields a net profit in the company’s business. The successful or unsuccessful performance of the business on the long run is measured by its profit margin. It is however to be noted that Return on Investment cannot be mixed with equity turnovers of investors.

Return on Investment can be utilized in many ways to measure the profit potentials of a business. By sighting the following example; viz-a-viz:- performance measurement of a company’s inventory portfolio, pricing policies, resources, equipment, deals etc. are some of the ways of carrying out measurements.

Michaels Companies Inc. (NASDAQ:MIK) successfully maintained a turnover on investment at a 21.50% rate in the last 12 month. Meanwhile, Reuters statistics indicated that the industry’s medium standing was represented at 8.28% and the sector’s most favorable level performance stood at 12.28%. The conglomerates are into the business of arts and crafts and it is doing its business in North America.

Linear Technology Corporation (NASDAQ:LLTC) carries out the business of producing, designing and marketing of a group of great and unique analog amalgamated circuits for various organizations and companies around the world. Linear Technology Corporation sustains turnover on investment in the last 12 months at a rate of 33.17% soaring contrary to what Reuters analysis indicated with reference to the industry’s middle performance. The ratio is shown at 1.03% average for the business and sector’s optimal rate stands at 12.68%

Freescale Semiconductor Ltd (NYSE:FSL) successfully gathered income in the tune of 15.92% in the penultimate twelve months period contrary to Reuters analysis insinuating the industry’s income rate to be 1.03% and a widespread sector performance of 12.68% will be attained by the company. The company is into the business of digital networking processors (embedded processors) and microcontrollers.

Dollar Tree, Inc. (NASDAQ:DLTR) maintained a turnover on investment at a rate of 27.80% in the last 12 months period contrary Reuters predictions indicating that the market average performance stands at 13.66% and sector’s best level is at the rate of 12.28%. The company is into the operation of merchandise by giving out discount on variety of products offered in stores at an allotted rate of $1.00

Masco Corp (NYSE:MAS) is a company that sustained a turnover on investment at 19.86% in the last 12 months period soaring more than Reuters analysis prediction with reference to the business moving on average. The company is into the manufacturing, installation and distributions of home development and building construction products. The performing average level of the company’s ratio is indicated at a rate of 3.88% for the business and the optimal rate stands at 12.28%.

First Bancorp (NYSE:FBP) revenue income was successfully achieve at a 38.00% gains made through investments and widely in sector at 0.65% appears good for the company’s stock. The company is into the business of finance holding. It is a bank holding for First Bank Insurance Agency, Inc. and First Bank located at Puerto Rico and carries on business in that regard.

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