Stocks to Watch On Monday: Network-1 Technologies (NYSEMKT: NTIP), Quantum Corp (NYSE:QTM), Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI), The Gap, Inc (NYSE: GPS), Gilead Sciences, Inc (NASDAQ: GILD)

Stocks Update - QTM,ROVI,GPS,GILD

Network-1 Technologies (NYSEMKT: NTIP) had a better than expected recent price posted which is a discount compared to the year-end high of $2.99. The 52-week low was recorded this week at $1.49, and this last price is considered a premium to the stock, which is down -23.02% as of Friday. There is a beta ratio on the stock of 0.77. Company revenues were reported at $47.82 million with a net income of $1.90 million. These amounts indicate an operating margin of 41.805, which is a profit margin of 14.20%.

Quantum Corp (NYSE:QTM) had price movement due to higher than expected volume trades. In trades, it was recorded that 11.592 million shares were traded which is better than the average volume that changes hands. The daily volume was average at 1.79 million shares. Despite high volume trading, the stock moved down 10.6%, which is a trading value of $15.12. As of the latest record, the total return was 569%. The return rate jumped over the last year for a gain of +5.65%. There was a new low price recorded ten months ago at $1.02 at the end of the trade. The stock has started moving down and as of the latest recording it was below its SMA200 price of $1.77.

The last trading of the day recorded Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI) trading at a volume of 8,953,000 after a high-intensity trading session that averaged a daily volume of 1.91 million shares. The stock did lose some of the momentum it gained during the high volume trading session. The last recorded price was $14.00, which is down -20.18% for its highest price of $26.44. The 200-day variant average is $19.69, and the 50-day average is $16.82.

Companies Offering High Returns

The Gap, Inc, (NYSE: GPS) beginning a year ago has been able to provide shareholders with a return on their investments at 22.95%. That is more than the Reuters report shows as average for the industry. The ratio average is 10.90%, and that is the best figure for the industry at 13.09%.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: GILD) is a biotech firm that is in the business of developing new medicines and medical procedures. The company has been providing a steady ROI (Return on Investment) for shareholders for the past year. GILD is offering ROI that is 54.15% higher than those being offered by similar companies in the same industry. The averaged ratio for this industry 16.91%, and the sector has the next best figures at 16.12%.

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