Stocks to Watch: SAP SE (NYSE:SAP), Juno Therapeutics (NASDAQ:JUNO), VF Corp (NYSE:VFC), Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE)

Recent trading on Monday indicated SAP SE (NYSE:SAP) loosing -2.19% to $66.23.SAP SE (SAP) has developed an impressive official Solheim Cup 2015 mobile app which is powered and sponsored by SAPHANA®. The SAP enabled app is a breakthrough in digital golf, where fans will witness at the 2015 Selheim competition which is to take place on 18th to 20th of September at Golf Club St. Leon Rot. In this regards fans will be able to have access to a platform of information for sourcing realtime matches, getting games and scores details enabling them to predict games, details of teams, players and their profile and so much more through a simple integrated app interface. This will excite fans and give them adequate information, fun and entertainment such as never been experienced before via a 3 day bi-annual competition involving United States best female golfers locking horns with its Europe’s best counterpart.

Improved television live broadcast of games will be available to fans with special facilities and features on TV of telecast of the esteemed golf tournament officially sponsored by SAP via highly technical TV graphs in terms of ball flights, wind, distance between hole and player and wind conditions to analyze the world of golf about the players and wonderful screen experience such as never been done before.

SAP SE is engaged in the services of providing highly quality software analysis features and related services for various organizations globally. Its areas of service delivery ranges from commerce, HR, administration, manufacturing, services, marketing, sales, sourcing, supply procurement chain, engineering, research and highly valued sustainability management service.

Juno Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:JUNO)’s shares experienced reduction by -5.40% to $35.74 in its latest trading period. According to CEO Hans Bishop’s individual bottom line, the company probably may be unable to yield profit for now.

With reference to the presentation made by Bloomberg’s Pay Index indicator, Bishop ranks as the 11th highest paid CEO around the country, BPI is a day to day ranking of the one hundred highest paid executives. Han’s pay package was valued at $88.2M on the concluding part of 2014. The value of Juno was on Thursday rated by Bloomberg in a combination of stock options, salary and restrained shares that Juno was valued at $7.3 million prior to its initial public offer in December. The company also has its competitors or contemporaries ranking alongside it at the top among the biotechs are the CEO pay at Santa Monica, Kite Pharma and Waltham based in California, Radius health Inc. ranking in the value of $95M and $33.5M accordingly.

The expertise of Juno and Kite in developing immunotherapy cure for cancer is an exciting area of investment for investors in the recent. The approach of the company to the treatment is based on immune boosting to fight cancer by affecting positively the T cells of patients to infuse and enhance their immune system. The system has been widely accepted and preferred to the rather unfriendly ones like radiation and chemotherapy. In experimental trial carried out, Juno’s patients attained a ninety percent recovery rate in a kind of blood cancer that the patients were suffering from. The company is a biopharmaceutical company that engages in inventing cell based cancer immunotheraphies treatment for patients. The company does this by the process of T Cell receptor and chimeric antigen receptor technologies to genetically direct T cells to determine and destroy cancer cells.

VF Corp (NWSE:VFC) on Monday experienced a decline in shares by -2.95% to $70.01. The company’s financial outcome at the 2nd quarter of the year on 4th of July, 2015. The total per share sums are given on an attenuated basis. The amounts given are referred to as “currency neutral” and “stated”, a non-GAAP) fiscal determination sums, it does not take into cognizance the effects of foreign currency.

Highlights at the 2nd quarter included: (1) revenue rising by 10% brought about by increase in Action and outdoor sports and jeans wear coalitions and its global consumer direct consumption attained based on a currency neutral basis drive. By a stated basis, its company revenue stood at a soaring 5% above the 2014 quarter. (2) it maintains a gross margin of 48.3% based on a stated basis. Declining a 10 basic points against the same quarter in 2014, however it was expected to be so. On the course of ups and downs business was impacted upon by foreign currency. (3) Income operation was based on a stated basis and rose by 1 % to $223M contrary to that experience in 2014. Margin of operation on a stated basis experience a shortfall by 30 basis points to 8.9% due to the –tive impact or effect of changes in foreign currency values.

The company is into the business of manufacturing, marketing, design and distribution of lifestyle wears which are branded, accessories and footwear in Europe and USA. It offers eagle, creek brands, smartwool, eastpak, lucy, reef, jansport, napapijri, kipling, vans, timberland, outdoor appareal, footwear and equipment, handbags, youth culture and action sports inspired foot wear, backpacks accessories, totes, merino wool stocks, travel accessories and women’s active wear under the North Face.

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) witness a decline in the value of shares by -4.08% to $75.65. The company stated that it received Federal Risk & Authorization Administration Program (FEDRAMP) authority to carry out activities for vendors strong cloud security assessment selling to the federal government. Also FEDRAMP is the authoritative agency representing the upcoming digital government by giving quality, protected process of picking cloud service facilitators that can be applied across government representatives. The department of Health and Humanities is the authorized sponsor for Adobe. With this licensing, Adobe has become the forerunner of FedRAMP cloud service supplier to distribute web content management, web conferencing, e-forms with electronic signature, electronic learning with documentation rights management as authenticated by 3rd party evaluation organization. The above mentioned services uses the process of fussion cloud architecture embedding software as service engineered by Adobe connect and Adobe experience manager.

Adobe systems incorporated has spread its tentacles globally. The company runs in 3 different dimensions which are: (i) Print and publication, (ii) digital marketing and (iii) digital media. The digital media sector makes providence for solutions that allow persons, small scale business to make and publish and promote and monetize their various digital contents. The undertone is to make cloud which happens to be a subscription service that enables clients to get access to a downloadable and install different versions of its products. The sector enables original content creation, digital media professionals and web application development with administration in marketing segments and facilitators, publishers and organizations.

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