Stocks Update: Ascent Solar Technologies (NASDAQ: ASTI), Sierra Wireless Inc (NASDAQ: SWIR), Allot Communications Ltd (NASDAQ: ALLT)

With all the financial turmoil happening in Greece, it’s amazing US stocks were further disrupted by the Chinese market’s free fall. Given the seemingly crisis resistant status of the American market now is the time to buy and hold. There is continued growth and investor confidence in the future for certain segments of the industry.

The Greek insolvency will continue to be a problem for the US market. While the markets were devastated by the news of the “NO” vote, it was in a slight decline. Investors will want to watch and wait. The issues in the Eurozone seem destined for a timely conclusion given the renewed talks. Given the healthy rebound of the market after the international financial news, analysts agree that US Stocks are stable and still bullish.

Stocks Update - ASTI,SWIR,ALLT

STOCK TIPS: Highs and Lows, Buying on Trend

The performance of a stock over a period can help measure its characteristics and benefits, which will contribute to the analysis and forecasting of return conditions. Monitoring the 52-week index allows traders and investors to measure the risk assessment prior to acquiring a stock.

Ascent Solar Technologies (NASDAQ: ASTI)

This stock’s last closing price was $0.53, which is a 200 day moving average of $0.96. The yearly high has been between $0.49 and $4.80. ASTI is trading at a discount when compared to its 52-week high of $4.80, which was achieved a year ago. The market valuation: the P/S ratio is 3.03, and the stock is down -50.54%. The beta ratio is valued at 4.02.

Sierra Wireless, Inc (NASDAQ: SWIR)

This stock traded with a volume of 1.00 million, which is higher than the usual daily volume. SWIR shares have dropped -4.83%. The stock now trades at $24.63 and the year-to-date return is 569%. In the last year, the stock has been up $3.87 (18.64%). SWIR is trending down and has moved closer to its 50-day moving average of $28.40.

Allot Communications Ltd (NASDAQ: ALLT)

This stock is discounted at the 12-month high of $13.58, which it hit on Jul 17, 2014. The company yields $118.43 million in revenue. The stock has been a weekly decline, and the last price was at a 52 week low of $5.47. The stock has taken a hit and was down -34.64%. The decline has been consistent at -17.01% down over the week and -26.02% over a single month period.

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