Stocks Update: Barrick Gold (NYSE: ABX), Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM), Gold Corp (NYSE: GG)

US Stocks closed down again today after the “NO” vote by the Greece public created some concerns among investors. The markets have been seesawing for the past few weeks as more news comes out of Greece regarding their ability to resolve their debt and reorganize their economy. The DOW fell sharply by 150 points as soon as the markets opened today. The NASDAQ also experienced a little setback. Trading most of the day at roughly 0.7 percent under.

Stocks Update - GG.ABX,NEM

BUYING AND SELLING: Buying Lows, Should you Jump In?

Analyst and market experts are always looking for a great deal. A stock can be in a momentary downturn that will rebound almost certainly. During the month of June, several otherwise robust stocks took a tumble. Stocks like Apple and Twitter experienced noticeable declines last month, and many otherwise shy investors are jumping in to take advantage of this anomaly. Great brands like Chesapeake Energy and Chevron also experienced percentages lower than typically reported. Lows for stocks of this caliber represent the equivalent of a “Summer Sale” on high-end stocks.

STOCK TIPS: Gold Mining, Hitting It Big?

Gold has always been a favored investment by many savers searching for decreased risk and a safer harbor for their nest egg. Gold has long been purchased and stored by investors as a symbol of resounding wealth. The value of gold moves around frequently and may seem like a risky investment, but investing with a large reputable firm can help round out the assets in one’s portfolio. With all the volatility of the Greek debt crisis, many investors start to look into gold, silver, and copper investments.

Barrick Gold (NYSE: ABX)

Barrick Gold is the largest gold mining firm in the world. Their base of operation is in Ontario, Canada. They also produce copper and silver. They earned $4.50 per share in 2011 and they have been experiencing down quarters since then.

Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM), Gold Corp (NYSE: GG)

Newmont is a great company with a long history of being a major gold producer. These three companies are the biggest corporate gold miners in the industry, and in many ways they set the tone for what happens in the industry. Even if you are not sure you want to invest in gold, there is the benefit of analyzing these three companies because it gives investors insight into the larger gold market.

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