Stocks Update: Halcon Resources Corp (NYSE: HK), Hercules Offshore Inc (NASDAQ: HERO), Paragon Offshore PLC (NYSE: PGN)

The market was volatile due to expectations regarding the Greek debt crisis. Oil prices slipped, and losses were extended in Asia based on trades made with expectations of Greece leaving the Eurozone. Crude also marked losses in global markets once the PM of Greece broke off bailout negotiations and moving forward with austerity conditions set forth by their creditors.

Stocks Update - HK, HERO, PGN

Halcon Resources Corp (NYSE: HK)

This stock traded experienced a sharper than expected decrease during the last session of trading. It had a previous 52-week high of $7.50 per share. NYSE: HK was trading at a volume that was above average for the stock; it has a total trading volume of 7.033 million shares. The latest price at closing for the stock was (-10.18%), which is under its moving 50-day average.

Hercules Offshore Inc. (NASDAQ: HERO)

This stock was trading at a lower volume for most of the last session than it typically averages. It experienced a slump of -7.44% at closing. Its numbers were down -94.25%, but it had a 52-week high of $4.28 over the same reporting period. HERO was trading at a volume of 2.792 million, but shares have dropped over the past six months -77.67%. It’s trading at -67.28% below the SMA 50 and the SMA 200 has it trading at -78.71%.

Paragon Offshore PLC (NYSE: PGN)

PGN recently closed below its target at $1.11 down, which was -0.11 points from its past close. Over the last year, it had equity of -55.00% and the company’s financial situation is having a tremendous effect on the earnings per share. The lowest value was marked at -$8.38, but in the last fiscal cycle investors were paid dividends of $0.50.

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