Taliban oppose to Afghan forces’ counterattack in Kunduz

KABUL: On Tuesday, a police official said, Taliban fighters were oppose overnight to Afghan government forces in the northern city of Kunduz they pushed into centre of the city.

On early Monday, Taliban militants move quickly without any notice to past government defences and attacked on the central areas of Kunduz, it is considered to be biggest success to occupied central area in the 15-year war.

Talibani attack in the Kunduz as well as occupied Helmand and Uruzgan region where they frightens capital of the city with italicize the mutineer’s growing strength against government. It will allow international donors in Brussels to secure billions of dollars in additional support.

Qasim Jangalbagh, Kunduz police chief said, support by the U.S. Special Forces and air support and warplanes.  Afghan soldiers and police wanted to clear the city by overnight.

Taliban fighters want to enforce Islamic law after their 2001 coup, they made progress and are remain in few regions of the city.

Jangalbagh said, “We draised out power with strengthening air support for now more than 25 enemies have been killed and we have retaken some places. We are bind to clear the city.”

He state, 3 members of the government security forces been killed and 8 were injured.

Late night on the Monday, the U.S. military has occupied Kabul and said, they have not yet conduct any air strikes in Kunduz against the Pentagon by the Taliban.

Official said, if needed aircraft and Special American Forces are sited near the city to assist in need.

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