Tata’s Indica, Indigo, and The Most Famous Nano Will Be Soon Discontinued

Tata Motors—which is one of the world’s renowned Indian car makers has done some marvels in the auto industry. The company is known for its affordable yet quality, products in the auto industry. It has been news all the time for its new CEO, acquisitions, and the latest one was the merger with Microsoft to flourish the connected the cars segment.

Tata’s Indica, Indigo, and The Most Famous Nano Will Be Soon Discontinued

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Tata Motors has achieved loads of accomplishments in its car making business, thus following the same trend the auto giant is in plans to phase out it three models from the production. This includes the most affordable car concept Nano, Indica, and Indigo.

The automaker plans to take these steps to clear the path of the newly developed and advanced vehicles. The company plans to refresh its product portfolio. It had recently announced about the launching of 7–8 of its cars, which will be developed on a shared platform. Currently, the automakers use 6 different platforms to produce the cars which in future will be reduced to 2 due to which the price of the upcoming vehicle can be controlled and to receive a better economy.

The discontinuation of Nano was owing to its low sale. Indica and Indigo were the oldest models, which failed to match the current trending technological upgradation. Focusing on the new vehicles, Tata rolled out Tiago last year, which came out as an appreciated product from the consumers. Upcoming Hexa is been trending a lot among the buyers.

It seems like after the phase out, Nano and the other cars will be considered as vintage vehicles in the Indian market by some Tata Fans.

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