Technology In Education

Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives from how we communicate with others, absorb the news and watch movies to the way we purchase goods. Despite these accelerated technological changes, the education sphere strives to meet the growing demands of the 21st century. We can see this in the growth of online learning and the use of technology in the classroom. Comprehending what is gravitation and similar abstract topics can get difficult.  Now, one can find efficient lectures online with interesting visuals that make understanding concepts such as gravitation easier. In this short piece of article, we will be talking about the benefits of using technology in education.

Technology In Education

What is Educational Technology?

Education technology, which is otherwise known as EdTech, is an area of technology devoted to the development and application of tools that intended to promote education. It is the use of both education theoretic and physical hardware. It includes several domains such as computer-based learning, online learning and where mobile technologies are used, m-learning.

Benefits of Technology in Education

We have to acknowledge the fact that students are interested and engaged in the use of technology. This creates some amazing opportunities for both students and teachers to benefit from integrating some forms of technology in classrooms.  Let’s look at some benefits of using educational technology in classrooms:

  • Improves Knowledge retention
  • Encourages individual learning
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Improves engagement
  • Students develop research skills at a young age
  • Teachers and students have access to an expanse of material

Technology paved the way for some unimaginable advancements in many industries. However, one place that technology has really improved is education. With more resources at their disposal, students and teachers can now really improve the overall learning experience for greater success. So how has technology changed the way you’ve learnt?

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