Tesla to make all new cars self-driving


All cars of Tesla will now be self driving cars.

Though equipped with the cameras, sensors and radars it will take some years to the vehicles become fully self-driving. Company launched its Autopilot system last year, showing few self-drive functions like auto-braking. But it is temporarily disabled on all new cars.

CEO of the company said, it made sense to build in the self-driving tech now even if it cannot be used for some time in near future.

The basic model will start at the price of $35,000 with a range of at least 215 miles per charge. Experts say the price and range ratio of the five-seater would appeal new types of customers and could boost interest in other electric vehicles.

Tesla is facing a competition from other similarly priced electric cars which will be introduced first in the market from producers like, General Motors and BYD.

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