The Bali Spirit festival

The Bali Spirit festival is purposely for spiritual and physical workouts rather than just enjoying yourself to burnout. Experienced wellness and fitness experts and lots of participants from across the world fly in to Bali to join in this exercise.

BaliSpirit Festival

Just a Yoga Festival

There will always be yoga during BaliSpirit festive season it is one of the basic foundations for the season. You’ll meet yoga teachers from a dozen countries. There are yoga classes too for those who so wish to get soaked in yoga. It is carried out through the day into the evening. It is meant to help connect people to themselves and to others.

There’re other interesting and entertaining events carried out including arts and music classes, touring temples, workshops on health and nutrition, dance of Balinese for kids, storytelling and many more.

Making Friends

A season of meeting new people and making new friends that can last a life time. The place of the festive event is a good place to explore to know more about the community and to come into contact with many more folks you’ll love hanging out with. It’s also a good time for travelers to make a journey to Bali and experience their rich culture.

Are You Curious?

There’s Dharma Fair during the daytime and the night always saw various vendors teaching about living a healthy life. Traditional healing treatments including cranial sacral treatment, Reiki, Chakra balancing, an Esalen-style massage, Balinese traditional healing, and Tama-Do Sound medicine are also offered by the best specialists.

The Mission Of The BaliSpirit

Its mission was to create harmony or ensure peace with God, nature, people and the community at large based on the Bali Hindu Concept of “Tri Hita Karma.” It creates in the individual a whole new breeze of wholeness physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It also creates support in educating the people on the awareness of deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, conscientising the people on the need for environmental preservation and many more.

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