The Spotlight on Ghana is About to Launch!

Spotlight on Ghana

Fellow Ghanaian Kwadwo Acheampong has partnered up with an international group of entertainment enthusiast and created a website unlike any is the website and for the first time internet users within every country will be able to:

Hyperlinked Continental Layout

-Get to and from any city in the world faster than any other website, without the need to type in the city/country name. This will allow people to have the time to click back and forth between countries and explore more. Want to explore Ghana- one click gets you there- or would you like to explore Los Angeles, USA – two clicks transports you to L.A. and allows you to explore the events there. Plus the continental layout allows users from all over the world to search a genre and discover this occurring in Ghana, and this will invite more people than any other site to check out the beauty of Ghana’s entertainers, events and tourist attractions.

Open/Strategic  Searching

-View all of the categories of entertainment available within any city or select the specific genre you are looking for with just a few clicks.  iconoLand.comallows the user to simply click back and forth between categories and genres in order to discover entertainment they may not have even considered searching for, but are delighted to have discovered.

Do you want to see what’s happening in Johannesburg, S. Africa before you go there? 2 clicks

Want to see which live music venues in Accra feature Reggae this weekend?  3 clicks.


-Receive advanced notification on the keyword/genre the user is a fan of. Did you want to find out the Children’s events occurring in Kumasi, or the Sport’s competitions in Tamale? Maybe you want to be notified when a Hip Hop event is occurring in Accra or neighboring Togo? iconoLand allows the users of the world to receive notifications of their favorite genres of entertainment, and this will also enable Ghanaians around the world to receive advance notice of the video streaming of the events in Ghana they miss being a part of!

louišP Ltd. is the corporate name of the group of entertainment enthusiast who gathered  from over 20 countries to change the way people from every country discover entertainment. This is a website we have all been waiting for and when it launches in September of this year, the diversity and beauty of Ghana’s sounds and styles will be discovered like never before and as Kwadwo Acheampong described it:

“People are shocked, literally shocked when I describe the diversity of entertainment in Ghana and even I was shocked as I researched my homeland during the development. I can’t wait to launchiconoLandandhave fun proving the stereotypes on Africa to be outdated as we encourage more people from more countries to experience the power of Ghanaianentertainment!”

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