Tigerair is certain on what to do about lavatory fees

Tigerair, the Australian low cost airline has announced discontinuing with fees charged passengers for using its lavatory. This sounds pretty good but it sure will be diverted to another area or serve as an extra charge for other services rendered. This is an airline in the business industry and it expects to either make profit or at worst breakeven, it can’t afford to lose so the future success of the business to them is very critical.

Tigerair Plane

John Borghetti who oversees Tigerair currently thinks charging for lavatories in the air is a bit to the extreme. He’s more passionate and concerned about ensuring an improvement in their low cost airline. Borghetti stated “I think you’ve got to live in the realm of what is acceptable versus what is theoretically possible, and certainly you won’t see us charging people to go to the toilet.”

John who is more of an ancillary charge believer believe to help improve on their low cost strategy, it’ll be of a great importance to continue exploring the feature to boost Tigerair’s revenue stream.

Instead of paying for lavatory usage, a package for ‘extras’ has been designed to cater for other things like additional luggage or baggage for passengers flying on the airline. Passengers have the opportunity to choose from a range of ‘extras’ in the ‘extra’ package and pay for which ever they deem suitable. All the packages are price tagged, a package can be $10, $20, $50 and the list goes on. A prepaid baggage for instance has a $20 bill attached, a meal goes for $13, seat selection you’ll need to pay additional $6 and $3 for fast forward boarding ahead of others.

This strategy was spearheaded by Ryanair airline which came up with the idea of ancillary fees for passengers who need extras or exceptions. It introduced packages like the ‘standing room only’ on its airline. Another low cost airline that has already bought into the idea is Jetstar who charges extra for blankets and comfortable pillows from passengers who may have need for them. Other charges including flight entertainment are all catered for and provision made to passengers who request for the service.

The airline brought into enforcement the 7kg limit rule for all luggages, charging passengers who needed to check in extra luggage an additional $50 at the gate.

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