Tomosynthesis: A Boon to Breast Cancer Patients

Many lives are lost everyday fighting against cancer. So many drugs and techniques are been invented to combat this life-threatening disease. A new technique is been invented for diagnosis of breast cancer called as Tomosynthesis. It is a new type of mammogram for scanning breast cancer.

Tomosynthesis: A Boon to Breast Cancer Patients

Let’s take a glance at this new technique.

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an X-ray image of the breast. A mammogram allows detection of cancers when they are microscopic to be felt or seen and when there is no indications or manifestation of the disease. Mammograms are used to make an early diagnosis of cancer possibility. The two-dimensional mammography X-rays are taken from two angles that generate images with overlapping breast tissue making it difficult to interpret about the condition.

What is tomosynthesis?

Tomosynthesis functions on the same principle as mammograms; the only difference is that traditional mammograms are two-dimensional, whereas tomosynthesis mammograms are three-dimensional. The three-dimensional mammography generates images from multiple angles making it easier to diagnose the problem.

What could be the possible pros and cons of tomosynthesis?


  • Early determination of breast cancers, which are hidden or too small
  • Decrease in rates of false-positive results
  • Minimum requirement for non-essential biopsies and extra examinations leading to 15% less false-positive alarms
  • High precision in locating aberrations
  • Explicit X-ray images of breast tissues, which are dense
  • More possibility of detecting several breast tumors


  • Prolonged time to elucidate X-ray images
  • Twice the radiation dosage if combined with two-dimensional mammography
  • High cost

What do you think about this innovative technique for early diagnosis of breast cancer? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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