Top 4 affordable exotic vacation locations

If you are searching for exotic vacations at a discount, then there are many destinations on the list that offer fun and sun on the cheap. Some of the locations are familiar locales, and others are new to the list of vacation hot zones, but make sure you travel soon as these prices are due to change at any time.

Top 4 Affordable Exotic Vacation Locations


  1. Nicaragua

Boasting beautiful rainforest and Caribbean beaches, Nicaragua is hoping to shake its previous image and draw in tourist in search of great deals without the crowds. Several years ago, we were talking about Costa Rica as the next big vacation spot. Before the boom in tourism, Costa Rica was as afford as Nicaragua is now. With as little as $20 per day, you can explore this Central American gem and have a remote destination adventure.


  1. India

Long considered a remote destination, India has been named a top vacation spot for budget travelers by both Frommer’s and Lonely Planet. While the airfare to India will be steep, the cost of meals and lodging will offset any travel cost. There are plenty of affordable dining and shopping opportunities in Delhi and Mumbai. Additionally, favorable exchange rates will make your money stretch in this exotic excursion. Make sure to travel in groups and be aware of your surrounding when traveling to India. There have been worldwide reports of violence against women in the country, but all travelers should make safety a priority when traveling.


  1. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is one of the only major world destinations that afford travels luxury for less. Flights from the US to Mexico are relatively inexpensive, and Price and Earnings report chose the city as the cheapest place to score a five-star hotel experience. If you are on a budget but would like to enjoy luxury accommodations, Mexico City should be on your list of destinations. The average rate for a luxury stay was last reported at $210 per night – close to a 70% savings when compared to other large cities.


  1. Dominican Republic

Low-cost fares from budget carriers like JetBlue have made this beautiful Caribbean destination a more affordable vacation spot. There are so many air and hotel packages available through travel portals online, that the beautiful white sand beaches and temperate blue waters of this island getaway the ideal spot for budget travelers.

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