Top eight confusions and myths regarding cheap flights

Airfares have been rising in the last several years; this upward spike has lead many travelers to search out discounts and deals in every corner of the internet. There are many urban legends regarding airfare discounting. Here are the top eight confusions and myths regarding obtaining low fare airline travel.

Cheap Airfare Myths

  1. Red-eye Purchase Times

Contrary to popularized accounts, there is no prime hour to purchase your ticket. While it is true that airfare varies from minute to minute based on inventory, this does not all happen at a specific time of day.

  1. Midweek Purchase Dates

There is no perfect day to purchase airline tickets; however, there is a cheaper day to fly. Buyers can find lower fares on Tuesdays and Wednesday, but those days have nothing to do with when you purchase your tickets. You can get a great deal on any day of the week.

  1. Last Minute Fare Hike

Last minute flights are known for their notorious sky-high fares. This is not exactly true – especially if you are flying internationally. Last minutes fares can be found at huge discounts online. Try using any of the large search engines that track flights.

  1. Price Matched Airfares

Airlines do not match ticket prices with other airlines. Airlines will have vastly different rates for the same route without reason.

  1. Airlines mergers are bad for everyone.

While rates have increased due to consolidation in airline carriers, there are still fare wars on certain routes. You have to keep your eyes peeled for these deals.

  1. Travel Agents are unnecessary.

It is a myth that travel agents are no longer necessary when making vacation plans. They play a part in discount ticket fares. Travel agencies have access to deals not available to the public. Combined with their years of experience making travel arrangements, travel agents are skilled at finding discounted travel accommodations. They are also skilled at making cheaper connections that travelers wouldn’t be savvy to as an outsider.

  1. Non-refundable doesn’t always mean no.

There are reasons the flight can be refunded, and most of the reasons are airline-related. If the flight is very late or makes a scheduling change that is wildly different from the original time you can usually have your money refunded.

  1. Lap riding children shockingly do not always fly free.

Many people find this amazing, but some flights require children to pay 10% of the cost of the adult fare. This is especially true on international flights.

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