Top five airline luxury amenity kits

Since the 1950s, the amenity kit has been a source of excitement for travelers. Amenity kits are given to overnight and extended stay travelers. Formerly referred to as RON kits (remain over night), these baggie of essentials have undergone a stylish makeover.

Top Five Airline Luxury Amenity Kits

Airlines are constantly battling over lucrative first and business class travelers. Hoping to lure new high-end travelers by offering luxurious fittings, airlines have been consistently raising the bar. From gourmet meals to onboard suites, luxury sells tickets to this class traveler. If you are planning your next international flight and plan to fly first or business class, here are some of the luxurious kits you can look forward to on several airlines.

  1. Air France La Premiere Amenity Kit

Travelers who book luxury accommodations in one of the four suites available on the new Boeing 777-300ER in the Air France fleet will enjoy a 6.5 ft. long bed wrapped in merino wool coverings. The suite offers pajamas and leather Givenchy toiletry bags. These stylish bags are filled with high-end face creams, eye treatments, and a towel.

  1. American Airlines First Class Kit

First-class travelers booking flights on American Airlines can expect an Eames 8×10 bag that will also work as a tablet case. There is a myriad of choice grooming products inside the case. Lip balms, hand creams, and nail treatments will please even the most discriminating beauty connoisseur.

  1. Air New Zealand Business Premier Class Kit

The amenity kits on Air New Zealand is meant to be both novelty and luxurious. Their kit includes choice eye and hand creams, stocks, and eye mask. The novelty items in the kit include tall striped socks and eye mask with cute sayings like “Sleeping Beauty” and “Beware, I sleep walk.”

  1. British Airways First Class Kit

British Airways First Class amenities feature male and female luxury kits in gray-blue and dusty rose respectively. The female kit includes a mirror and a brush with deodorant. The male kit includes similar toiletries to the female kit with the addition of male-centric shaving kits.

  1. Cathay Pacific Female First Class Kit

The kit featured in Cathay Pacific’s first class went through an upgrade a few years ago. The ladies’ bag by Trussardi includes a brush, hand creams, and lip balms. The men’s kit features a pouch with Acca Kappa toiletries.

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