Top smartphones worth to buy in 2015

A lot of good and quality phones with various improved features, you simply can’t help feeling a bit taken aback when it comes to which one to buy. The one that fits your budget and still gives a cutting edge to a lot more phones in the industry.

It’s all right to feel that way because you’re going to spend money to get that off the shelf to your home. We’re here to help streamline the wide range and narrow it down to enable you make a good choice out of the lot, the one that suits you and at the same time fits your pocket. We’ll break them down into categories based on sizes, models, features and so on. Let’s take the ride by going through the list.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Category 1: Large phones with large screens and great camera:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – $ 250.00 (on contract)

The Samsung galaxy note 4 has a 5.7 inch AMOLED display, an updated system chip, a 16 megapixel camera and the S Pen.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus – $ 300.00 (on contract)

The iPhone 6 plus has the following features a 5.5 inch handset, iOS interface, an excellent camera, a gorgeous 1080p display, optical image stabilization and a good battery life.

Nexus 6 – $250.00 (on contract with AT&T)

It has a 6 inch quad display, upgraded system chip, llong lasting battery life and a good image shooting.

Category 2: Best battery life

Motorola Droid Turbo – $250 (on contract with Verizon)

It has a 5.2 inch sharp quad HD display and a 3900mAh battery which can last two days before placing on charge

Category 3: Stylish and not so large

Apple iPhone 6 – $200.00 (on contract)

Looking very stylish it has all the features of a smart phone hitting the right point and has topped the world’s largely sold smart phones.

It has the following as some of its features: system chip, a HD camera and excellent graphics.

HTC One (M8) – Free-$50 (on contract via Amazon)

It is very elegant and more stylish. It has an aluminum body and a clean interface. It looks and feels portable and zippy.

Category 4: Something more compact

Apple iPhone 5s – $100 (on contract)

The 5s is more compact and offers a top-notch performance. 5s is for those who don’t really fancy carrying big phones around. It has a great camera feature and a iOS8 as its operating system.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – $500 (off contract)

Very notable to the iPhone 5s with a 4.6 inch HD display. It also has the following features: a translucent plastic side, quality camera, a long lasting battery and a high performing system chip.

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