Travel to and find love in these five romantic places

“Don’t marry someone until you have travelled,” that is how the saying goes. When it comes the day of love, everyone especially lovers will want to express their love in various ways to their significant other. Valentine’s Day is no exception and lovers will want to lavish lots of affection on their significant other; they buy expensive things like exotic perfumed roses, jewels, fancy outings among others.

The most memorable thing to forever remember is to organize a memorable trip not necessarily expensive and travel with your significant other. To the young couples this is a good investment and a perfect moment to cherish and gloat over for the long haul. This should not necessarily be on Valentine’s Day but any day of your choice, a day you both deem suitable.

Five Best Romantic Places

Here’s a compiled list of some of the best places in the region for couples to visit.

Pulau Gaya, Kota Kinabalu

Gaya Island offers one of the luxurious holidays for couples looking for a romantic getaway in Malaysia. The two resorts on this island, Gaya Island Resort and Bunga Raya Island Resort offer the top luxurious 5-star resort for couples.

Gaya Island Resort is a Spa Village amidst mangrove trees and it offers treatments using only the finest local ingredients. Bunga Raya Island Resort on the other hand, offers a romantic atmosphere and packages for honeymoons and anniversaries.

Daring and adventurous couples can explore the thick virgin rainforest of Pulau Gaya or have some dives at any of the several dive sites within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. The most interesting among these is the Gaya Wreck west of Pulau Gaya.

Khao Yai, Thailand

With its natural scenery of green beauty, beautiful waterfalls and mountainous scenery, it has become a very popular choice among young couples. A number of interesting activities including biking and bird-watching can be indulged in by young couples in Thailand.

It’s an hour and a half minute drive from Bangkok by vehicle. From November to February, during the Thai Winter, the place becomes solemn and ideal for a real romantic getaway. The 5-Star Muthi Maya Forest Pool Villa Resort is recommended for its luxurious and serene environment. It has villas with large patios and magnificent private pools. For a more affordable villa there’s a 3-star with private pools available.

El Nido, Palawan, the Philippines

A very magical place with captivating lagoons, hidden caves, turquoise green waters, enchanting dive sites and a whole lot more.

Nantou, Taiwan

Being the county on the island of Taiwan, it’s surrounded by land, offering picturesque mountainous landscapes, lush flora and rustic charm. Popularly known as “The Alps of the East” it has become a haven for holiday makers. There is a number of hot springs around Nantou where couples can enjoy a cool swim.

Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

In Indonesia the Gili Trawangan is most popular among the three Gili Islands located on the Lombok coast. It is close to Bali and currently rated the best island for travelers who are very conscious with their budget. Couples can have great fun by participating in a lot of activities including yoga lessons, cooking lessons with the bold flavors of Indonesian kitchen.

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