Twitter ‘Helped’ ISIS: Claimed & Sued By Families of Victims

In the era of social media networking, news travel fast on these networks than on news channel. People are more active on social media networking sites these days. Gone are those days were people used to wait for the news to arrive on prime time on TV. Today, social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter rule the world. They not only serve as a source of entertainment, but also have become a source of news to.

Twitter 'Helped' ISIS: Claimed & Sued By Families of Victims

But one should be careful while publishing on a social media. Your words may be taken in a different way by others. There many such instances where a single post may have created havoc in public.

One such incident took place recently. But this time it is not a person that is in trouble, but the social media site itself!!! Yes, you heard it right…!! Relatives of 3 Americans who were killed brutally in attacks by the infamous terrorist group ISIS in Paris attack in November 2015 and Brussels airport bombing in 2016 have sued the social media giant Twitter. They have put allegation on Twitter for helping the ISIS group.

The lawsuit filed against Twitter by the relatives is known as “Cain v. Twitter, Inc”. This lawsuit has been filed by wife of Alex Pinczowski, Anne Cameron. Alex and his sister, Sascha, too were killed in the attack of 2016 at Brussels Airport.

During the attacks, ISIS tweeted—#paris_ignites, #parisinflames, and #franceisonfire. This is the whole and sole reason behind the lawsuit being filed against Twitter.

Well, by the time court decides to plead Twitter as guilty or not, we will altogether work to understand the logic behind this situation.


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