Unique New Year Traditions Around the Globe

Every country has its own beliefs and traditions that are carried from our ancestors generation by generation. People believe that New Year brings bright fortune and joy in their lives. Usually, there are misconceptions among people that it is the only day of unlimited boozing and party hard concept… Yes it can be like that, but many countries follow some other traditions to welcome the New Year. Read also : Happy New Year 4k Images, HD Wallpapers, Photos 2021 [Free Download]


Unique New Year Traditions

Below are some of the countries following some unique traditions and beliefs.


The country is known as the copious nation with its royalty, culture, and luxury and ethics. It is believed that any first guest who walks in on the occasion New Year into the house brings a good luck. Thus, it is more effective if the man walks in with the loaf of bread for table or coal for the fire as a gift. Anyone coming empty handed is not allowed to enter the home in the first place.

United States

The New Year status tradition of the US can be seen in many Hollywood movies; people here follow the tradition of kissing on the stroke of 12 at midnight which denotes the symbol of purification in the coming New Year, and it is believed that producing rowdy noise keeps the evil spirits away.

Spain and Peru

Spain and Peru have most of their traditions similar. In Spain, people follow a belief of eating 12 grapes, which brings good fortune in coming 12 months ahead. Similarly, Peru also follows the tradition just by adding one more grape in 12 grapes for good luck and happiness throughout the year.


The decorations of the houses in Japan with pine branches signify long life, plum denotes dignity, and bamboo stalk shows prosperity.


On the New Year day, people here serve the only lasagna, as it is believed that other noodle type if served brings a bad fortune in the coming year.

For those who weren’t aware of this, New Year is also about spreading positive vibes too. Enjoy your new year in your way… Just don’t forget to enjoy it to the fullest.

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