US forces alleged ISIS for chemical attack in Iraq

WASHINGTON: On Wednesday US defense official said, a rocket been fired by the Islamic State militants at US forces in Iraq, it may have carried chemical agent with it.

The official said no one has injured in the blast near an airfield. It was executed by the northern town of Qayyarah and nobody has reveled about alleged mustard agent.

Numerous 100 of US troops are working with Iraqi partners to reinforce airfield ahead to support IS iron grip of Mosul.

During the indirect fire attack incoming round had blow within the base perimeter, the defense official was talking on condition of secrecy.

US troops found the rule been broken and doubtful tarlike black oily matter they tested in the field.

Initial test shows positive for mustard agent but second test was negative and third sample sent to laboratory for definitive analysis.

The official was worry about seriousness of the incidence saying shell was ineffective.

The troop who was handling issue went through a standard decontamination procedure.

US-led union warplanes last week destroyed a factory near Mosul alleged of being used by IS to make chemical weapons.

Observers were holding IS alleged they used chemical weapons and Pentagon has confirmed the militants have deployed chlorine and sulfur mustard devices.

Iraqi are in the final stage of the operation and looking to attack in order to evoke Mosul, which IS detained in 2014 and which remains the militants’ last main iron grip in Iraq.

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