Using Gmail with Shortcuts

Each and everyone who uses computer today has a Gmail account. Using Gmail has become a necessity for us. Even though the service is not so much popular as Facebook and WhatsApp, the service is mainly important for those who are now working for a living. Well, in order to use the service more fluently, use the following shortcuts.

Using Gmail with Shortcuts

To compose and to chat

Previous message in an open conversation      p

Next message in an open conversation  n

Focus main window            Shift + Esc

Focus latest chat or compose        Esc

Advance to the next chat or compose      Ctrl + .

Advance to previous chat or compose     Ctrl + ,

Send  Ctrl + Enter

Add cc recipients     Ctrl + Shift + c

Add bcc recipients   Ctrl + Shift + b

Access custom from            Ctrl + Shift + f

Insert a link   Ctrl + k

Open spelling suggestions            Ctrl + m

Formatting text

Previous font            ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + 5

Next font        ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + 6

Decrease text size   ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + –

Increase text size     ⌘/Ctrl + Shift and +

Bold    ⌘/Ctrl + b

Italics  Ctrl + i

Underline      Ctrl + u

Numbered list           Ctrl + Shift + 7

Bulleted list   Ctrl + Shift + 8

Quote Ctrl + Shift + 9

Indent less    Ctrl + [

Indent more   Ctrl + ]

Align left        Ctrl + Shift + l

Align center  Ctrl + Shift + e

Align right      Ctrl + Shift + r

Remove formatting  Ctrl + \


Move focus to toolbar          ,

Select conversation x

Toggle star/rotate among superstars        s

Archive          e

Mute conversation   m

Report as spam        !

Delete            #

Reply  r

Reply in a new window      Shift + r

Reply all        a

Reply all in a new window Shift + a

Forward         f

Forward in a new window  Shift + f

Update conversation           Shift + n

Archive conversation and go previous/next       ] or [

Undo last action       z

Mark as read Shift + i

Mark as unread        Shift + u

Mark unread from the selected message            _

Mark as important    + or =

Mark as not important          –

Expand entire conversation           ;

Collapse entire conversation         :

Add conversation to Tasks Shift + t

So friends, use these shortcuts to ease your experience while using Gmail.

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