What you need to know about British Airways baggage allowance

Check to get more information regarding the rules of the British Airways cabin on what is and what is not allowed in it before you prepare for your next flight on a British Airline. Not reading more on this is detrimental to your own esteem. Do not wait until you get the real shock that your handbag wouldn’t be given the permit to enter in with you.

Save yourself from any preventable embarrassment and uncomfortable situations by reading more from this site; it will save you a great deal. Get to know the type of bag size and bag weight allowed.

British Airways Baggage Allowance Info



How many luggages are allowed into the cabin? Two.

The acceptable baggage size is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm including its other auxiliaries like the handle, ties if any and pockets. Aside your luggage you are also allowed to enter the cabin with a smaller hand bag measuring up to 45cm x 36cm x 20cm which includes handles, pockets and wheels if any.

On very busy days with busy flights should all passengers be within the maximum luggage measurement, the cabin baggage could be put on hold at no charge to passengers. Other charges may apply to passengers who flout the allowed standard measurement for all luggages. Passengers however, need to wait at the luggage carousel to pick their luggage at the other end.

The accepted weight for all luggage aside the accepted size should not exceed 23kg.

Is it allowed for passengers to book a bag on a single leg only and travel hand-luggage only on the other? No.

There is no discount allowed for passengers who book a checked bag on the way out for not bringing a hold bag on the return leg, and vice-versa.

Am I allowed any items in addition to my two cabin bags?

All items bought at the airport such as duty-free goods need to be able to fall or fit within the allowed luggage size and weight. If they exceed the allowed weight, the passenger is likely to incur additional charges.

Any other relevant information worth knowing?

Toddlers under 2 years will have their parents or guardians travelling with them keep or carry a extra bag in addition to the allowed cabin luggage. For further information or for the sake of reference visit the British Airways’ guideline page on cabin baggage allowances.

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