Windows 10 Now Running on over 200 Million Devices

Windows 10Microsoft has declared that Windows 10 is currently running on more than two hundred million devices across the world. The software very large bills it as the fastest-growing release of any version of the Windows operating system ever.

Microsoft said Windows 10 growth has outpaced Windows 7 by nearly 140 % and is growing 400% faster than Windows 8 did. Windows 10, which the company launched as a free download in July, powers each personal computers and devices like phones. It replaced Windows 8, the greatly criticized system dating from 2012.

In addition, it appears that Microsoft benefited from Black Friday sales this year, noting that a noteworthy 40 percent-plus of latest Windows 10 devices became active since Black Friday. Since that sales vacation, U.S. retail share for Windows 10 grew by 16 points to reach 62 % compared to the previous four weeks.

Just over two months ago, Chief officer Satya Nadella said 110 million devices were running Windows 10, that means the system is currently on nearly double the number of phones and PCs compared to before the vacation season.

A great deal of the expansion comes from retail shoppers, with devices like Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console helping drive acceptance of Windows 10. Microsoft said the Xbox One set a record for worldwide sales, which a lot of users signed into Xbox live on december 28 than the other day ever.

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