Women’s Health tracker app “Maya” wins Asia Pacific App of the year award

Maya is a health tracker app developed for the women. This Bangalore-based mobile app has been developed for helping women keep a track of their menstrual cycle. The company FbStart based in Bangalore had actually been established so as to help the mobile startups grow at a swifter pace. What’s amazing is that the startups get support from the Facebook employees and also offers on the services provided by the companies including UserTesting, Amazon.com, and Dropbox in order to boost their business. The company’s app Maya has been awarded the Asia Pacific App of the year by Facebook for its service and qualitative functionality.

Looking at the increasing use of the app among the women and its benefits, the social media giant “Facebook” had decided on presenting the app with an award. The app is currently a top priority for the women as it helps them monitor pregnancies, track menstrual cycle, set health reminders, and also contact the doctor when needed that too by just downloading and using the app when sitting at home.

The developers of the app have seen to provide the app at least in 14 languages and around 190 countries across the globe. The app is being downloaded in a number of countries and is expected to help women across the globe. FbStart basically wants to help women and make a difference in the society by helping women keep a track on their health. The app sheds some light on the women’s health, which is kind of an unspoken area.

According to FbStart, an Indian company to get recognized for its effort by Facebook is enthralling and very kind of. Maya is a mobile app that has around 7 Million women users and is still planning to expand. To be recognized on a world basis is a great achievement for the company. All that the mobile app wants is to reach out to all the women across the globe and help them solve their grievances.

Women have a helping hand “Maya” downloaded in their smartphones for a healthy and energetic life ahead.

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