Wristwatches to be used for payment in Delhi Metro

Metros are being developed across a number of cities in India. The metros are an easy mode of transport for the people. It is not only feasible but is quicker when it comes to reaching the destination. After the success of the Delhi Metro, the engineers along with the government there have come up with a plan of letting the travelers wear the smart cards on their wrists.

The Austrian company named LAKS has launched a wristwatch for making payments at the gates. And this concept has been accepted by the DMRC. The watch has been named “Watch2Pay” by the company. The watch can be purchased via the online e-commerce site. The basic reason behind introducing the wristwatch payment system is to make it easier for the travelers to conveniently access the fast Delhi Metro network. How will it function? All that the commuters have to do is touch the watch to the screen of the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates, which is present at the metro stations.

The watch is similar to that of a normal watch but there are some additional features that will have its functionality enhanced. The wristwatch has a slot for the SIM card insertion on its right side. The SIM-inserted watches can be recharged easily like any other smart cards used in metros by going over to the counter or at recharge terminals. One advantage is that the SIM can be removed or inserted whenever the commuter wishes to or wants to change the watch.

The use of smart watches at the metros is expected to ease the metro’s functioning and make it less tedious for its workers. Delhi Metro is not the first where the smart technology is being introduced as it had earlier been introduced at the Hyderabad Metro Rail.

The use of smart wristwatches to make payment of fares simpler is not a bad idea. Thus, let’s encourage more of such companies to come up with new technology-based ideas for the betterment of the people.

As the city gets smarter, the rest of the daily errands get even smarter.




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