YouTube Android App Rolling Out With New Navigation Bar

The YouTube app for Android is anticipated to get an update. This update will probably bring a new interface with it, which highlights the new introduction of navigation bar having placed at the bottom. Though there are few other changes, the navigation bar is the one standing out of all changes, and a majority of the other smaller updates work hand-in-hand with the new navigation bar.

Overall, the new navigation bar comprises 4 main tabs; this makes it the main point of control for the YouTube app. The so-called 4 tabs are Home, Trending, Subscriptions, and Library. Home tab acts as the standard home screen for the app; hence, every time the app is opened, the user will be landing and starting from this, further can return here anytime by pressing Home again. Further clicking on Trending tab, particular videos that are trending presently will be displayed. An additional white bar that is at the screen top will have filter options like Music, Live, Gaming, and News. (This white bar replaced the previous red bar that had few quick access tabs). Similarly, clicking on the Subscriptions will the user through the latest video uploads by Subscribed channels, whereas the white bar placed at the top of the screen will also provide an easily viewed and accessed list of channels you have subscribed to.

The Library tab will act as a one-stop point for the user to view all thing owned by him. May it be uploaded videos or the purchased videos by the user, this is the place they will be found. This section is particularly related to the user’s content. The remaining user’s account info and settings have been divided and are now accessible through the profile icon found at the top right corner of the display.

For some users, the new UI won’t be entirely NEW since it is very well documented in last few weeks. In addition, analogous designs can be seen in YouTube Music. Furthermore, the YouTube Help channel is also been updated recently. The update includes a new video showing a visual overview of the working of new UI.

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